Boy Howdy! The Elder and Woody Get It On!

There’s a new podcast in town y’all, and wooeee is it good. (A little Southern lingo for you there). Keith “The Elder” Elder and Chris “Woody” Woodruff, two extremely smart gentlemen who I have the honor of knowing, have recently begun podcasting about Development and Technology with a Southern Twang. The title and theme of this endeavor? Why, Deep Fried Bytes of course!

The first episodes are based at the MVP summit that took place in April. From a discussion on what interface a Chicken should implement to lay eggs (my vote is for IEggLayer) to extolling the Power of Twitter, each episode has been filled with warm humor and good information. The passion they, and their guests, have for technology really comes shining through. Leaving you with a contented, full feeling, similar to eating a good bucket of wings fresh from the deep fryer.

The production values are surprisingly high for such a new podcast. Even though the podcast is only 3 episodes old (really two, the intro one almost doesn’t count ;) ), you would think these guys have at LEAST 10 episodes under their belts, minimum. And there has been steady improvement. In the first episode or two, Woody sounded much quieter then Keith, by the third episode that’s been resolved. The new intro from Elly Mae is top notch, leading you in that this is a serious (but not too serious) affair. The last episode shows a marked improvement in over all production (though you can tell they are still playing with editing, in the beginning there are parts where it sounds “clippy”). If better is yet to come, you’ll find me there! And now that they have a sponsor, the future is looking bright.

So come on down, take yer shoes off, and pop a squat with the Paula Deens of Podcasting!