Detroit Launch Event, Post Event.

Tuesday (3/18) was the Microsoft Launch event in Detroit. Being the intrepid geek I am, I decided to take a road trip and go to the event 3 hours away, rather then the one in the same town a week earlier. Madness you say? Nay, for I got to enjoy the good company of Corey Haines and Nate Hoellein on the way there and back as we car polled together. While leaving at 4:30am was a bit rough, the drive was worth it once we got there. I got to interact with a slew of smart people that I get to see far to rarely. Dustin Campbell has a good list of everyone I ran into there (don’t worry Dustin, your secret of feeling up Jeff at lunch is safe with me).

The event du jour however was by far the Geek Dinner put on by Keith Elder, and generously sponsored by the Microsoft Visual Studio Team System..err. . Team. If you’re ever in downtown Detroit and looking for some killer deep dish and wings, I can’t recommend PizzaPapalis enough.

After a cold beer and some hot pizza, it was time to take the long haul back to Cleveland. Corey did a fantastic job getting us through the fog alive, and by the time I hit the bed around midnight I was more then ready for sleep.