Developer Events In North East Ohio

North East Ohio seems to suffer from a dearth of good Developer centric events. And the events we do get seem to be poorly advertised. And the developers who would be interested in planning and implementing events can often have a hard time finding like minded souls. To help alleviate both problems, I am implementing the North East Ohio Developer Events blog and Google group. The blog is intended as a place where North East Ohio based developers can hear about upcoming events that may interest them, while the Google group is a place where those passionate North East Ohio developers can collaborate and plan events. I’m hoping that we can really get some activity going in this region, I truly think it’s under appreciated, and I know others feel as I do. The blog kicks off with details on the next Cleveland ArcReady event. I hear word of an upcoming Coding Dojo, with other talk of a Code Camp and rumors of a possible DevCares event both in the near future. As I get details they will be announced on the NEODevEvent blog.

North East Ohio Developer Events Blog

North East Ohio Developer Events Group