CodeMash 2008 Wrap Up

A little late, I know, but I finally got some time to put my thoughts into place. First I want to send out my congratulations to Jim Holmes, Brian Prince, Jason Gilmore, Jason Follas, Dianne Marsh, Jeff Blakenburg, Josh Holmes, and John Hopkins for putting on ANOTHER wonderful event. I went into CodeMash ‘08 with very high expectations based on last years spectacular event, and the group did not disappoint. A quick thank you to the CodeMash sponsors for helping those folks do that job! Your loyalty to the development community will not be forgotten by this developer.

It was kicked off by a very insightful panel on how to “sell” yourself and your ideals to clients and/or colleagues. Then were the two days of sessions which were again some of the most insightful and educational I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.

The keynotes were five star once again, with Scott Hanselman, Neal Ford, and Brian Geotz all doing an outstanding job.

I strongly urge everyone to go listen to Chris Woodruff’s CodeMash Podcasts, as well as checkout the CodeMash site for slide decks and session audio.

Of course the other half the conference occurs after the sessions are long over and deep into the night. I had great conversations with folks like Joe O’Brien (who is a way bigger twitter addict then me, Keith) , Jay Wren, and Steven Harman that I am still digesting over.

Let the countdown to CodeMash 2009 begin!