MichaelDotNet's Leaderboard

If you haven’t heard, Techmeme has a new feature, the “Leaderboard”. TechCrunch is heralding it as the defeating the last stronghold of Technorati. Robert Scoble is lamenting the “death of blogging”. Techmeme itself says the list consists of “Techmeme’s top 100 sources, including blogs, non-blogs, and everything in between”, so they’re not trying to be the sort of “Blog Authority” everyone else seems to be trying to make them.

I don’t think Technorati nor blogging in general have anything to worry about. Technorati is suppose to be aimed squarley at blogs, _in this case I’m defining a blog as “The _single _and unfiltered voice of an individual”. Techmeme’s Leaderboard is solely a list of the most _newsworthy sites in a particular month, some of which just happen to be blogs.

The best authority for the top bloggers is, of course, the bloggers themselves. Until Google starts to release an aggregated form of their users’s Reader Stats (which may indeed herald the end of Technorati), we’ll have to turn to each other and Technorati will show us that.

In the interest of promoting tech blogs that deserve to be noticed, I provide you with my current personal “Tech Blog Leaderboard” based on my personal Reader trends:

  • MSDN Blogs: Surprised? You shouldn’t be, Microsoft employs alot of smart people, this is the best way to find out something you didn’t know before. And it’s not necessarily Microsoft specific all the time.
  • Worse Then Failure: Geeky humor, and great examples of what NOT to do for coders.
  • Slashdot: Still a good resource after all these years, not a blog, yet still not on Techmeme’s Leaderboard either…
  • CodingHorror: Everyone in development should be subscribed to this blog.
  • Scobleizer: Cause Robert Scoble always has neat stuff.
  • Robert’s Shared Items: Doing all the crawling/subscribing so I don’t have to.
  • Jon Skeet’s Coding Blog: Man knows his C#.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: Cause deep inside we’re all evil geniuses.
  • Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen: I mean, doesn’t the fact he’s not on the Leaderboard make you question it just a bit?

That’s just a sampling, alot of webcomics and non-tech blogs in my reader too.

What are some of your favourite/regular tech blogs? Is there anyone that I’m obviously missing that I just HAVE to subscribe to?