CodeMash: Day 2.

Well, since I had to check out I’m now lugging my laptop around. So you’ll get some live blogging from CodeMash today! Yesterday’s dinner and after dinner was very cool. I got to meet the pyOraGeek herself, Catherine Devlin. We were both looking for the OpenSpace meeting on Social Networking but couldn’t end up finding it (the location on the post-it looked like it read “laguorauer”), so I ended up at Joe Brinkman’s OpenSpace on Open Source on .NET.

Joe’s get together was very well attended with a couple dozen people talking about GPL and tools and all kinds of Open Source goodness. After that it was pretty much hanging around in the great hall mingling. There is an amazing amount of talent at this conference and it’s been quite a humbling experience. I thought I had learned a lot, I’ve barely scratched the surface. One thing I have learned here is that I know nothing.

I had a chance last night to listen in while Neal Ford, Joe O’Brien, and two other gentlemen were talking Ruby, Java, and Macs. I must say the level of talent was awe inspiring, I am now convinced that at some point in my life I must own a Mac. The opportunity to listen to people that were knowledgeable and passionate about some technology that I haven’t had a lot of exposure too was what I think CodeMash is all about. I had the pleasure of sitting in on that conversation until they turned the lights off in the hall around 11pm. We were the only group left there, and we took this as some sort of subtle hint.

After that I made my way to the bar, again, and not learning my lesson the other night I didn’t get back to my room until 1:30am. So at 1:30am, buzzing from the booze, I decided to work on my entry for Pillar’s CodeOff challenge. That kept my busy until 2:00am. I was able to get it done though, I did a little tweaking today at their booth and submitted my entry. Here’s hoping something good comes from it.

Anyway, I’m eating breakfast at the moment, waiting on Scott Guthrie’s keynote, and almost just choked to death on my minibagel. So I’m going to go and concentrate on eating before I kill myself.