CodeMash: Day 1.5

Today’s been really interesting, a lot of good talks. I was out a bit late last night with some of the people from CodeMash, very cool group. I felt very inadequate being at the same table as some of those really smart guys and it was awesome of them to let me hang around. Luckily one of the guys there hadn’t eaten dinner yet either, and since organizing a conference endows the organizers with amazing powers, I was able to get dinner after the kitchen closed. So after stumbling to my room around 1:30am, I didn’t notice that the alarm clock was 12 hours off. Needless to say my alarm didn’t go off at 6:30 am like I expected. So I work up around 8:00am and had to rush to get down in time for breakfast.

Glad I did, Neal Ford’s keynote to kick off the day was awesome. Neal’s a great speaker and has a knack of making just about anything interesting. I then made my way to the fist session of the day, “Building and Deploying Smart Clients with Visual Studio 2005”, presented by Keith Elder. Very good stuff with a focus on Deployment, which is what I do. ClickOnce, and it’s automatic updating, should be quite useful.

Partially on the basis of Neal’s keynote, and partially because I’ve been curious for a while, the next session I decided to go to was “An Introduction to the Ruby language”, by Joe O’Brien. Joe pretty much convinced me that Ruby is the next language I will use. The flexibility is amazing, and as Neal mentioned in his keynote, the ability to create DSL’s is something that would help tremendously at my job where we do a lot of the same things over and over again and in ways where the base languages we use aren’t very good at expressing what we’re doing.

That brought us to Lunch, were we got to listen to Bruce Eckel’s keynote on the world being dynamic. Which was a very good, and very entertaining keynote. Though at times it seemed like an advertisement for Burning Man, mostly because at times there seemed to be a number of slides from Burning Man thrown in with no apparent relation to the subject. Bruce mentioned he had just reordered the deck, so that may have something to do with it. At times though, the effect of the Burning Man picture with the topic at hand was quite profound.

After lunch I got to go to “Beyond TDD”, presented by Ben Carey, all the Ruby guys were talking about test based development and talking down us compiler guys. Even though, as I told Joe, unit testing is just as important for compiled languages as interpreted. You can create a program that compiles that does nothing you expected. So anyway, Ben’s presentation was fairly good, and definitely worth seeing. His slide deck was awesomely put together and quite professional looking.

I didn’t get any pictures today because I wanted to really enjoy the sessions, I’ll probably have some from the dinner and attendee party though. So keep an eye out!

I’m taking a break from the last session before dinner to write this post and to relax. After dinner they’re having an Open Spaces meeting on Social Networking before the attendee party. I’m looking forward to that as I’ve just recently gotten involved in the social networking space. That’s all for now really, I’ll probably have another post up tonight (I don’t plan on staying out quite as late, unless someone offers to buy…..). Talk at y’all later!