The Lament Of Those Who Cannot Go.

Oh man am I tempted to call up Scoble and be all like “Hey man! I want in on the BlogHaus, can you send me some plane tickets? Oh and can I bunk with yas?” All the CES talk has me a bit bummed that I’m stuck here doing my normal, boring job stuff. Oh sure, I have CodeMash in a couple weeks, but it’s in Sandusky not Vegas, and it doesn’t have an adult convention next door. Poo. So a little piece of me dies every time Scoble picks someone else up in his limo. Looking through my feeds, it looks like there’s a ton of bloggers there, alot that don’t even necessarily cover consumer electronics regularly on thier blogs. I’m sure the face to face is wonderful, unfortunatly I can’t afford in either time or money to go, hopefully there’ll be something in the Midwest/East Coast some time soon. I’m looking forward to the Microsoft annoucements most of all, but every year is exiciting to see what toys I’ll be buying in the next year or two. Well, while you are are out there enjoying the lights and booze, think of all the hundreds of thousands of bloggers that are stuck at home, wishing they could be out there having fun with y’all. At least CES is one of the most covered events on the web, with all the live coverage I’ll at least feel like I’m almost there.