Sharing Non-Feed Items Through Google Reader

With the recent talk about Google perhaps replacing Digg as a social news/link site, a lot of people made the point that you can’t share non-feed items through Reader. While it’s true that you can’t click on a URL and add it to Reader, there is a work around. Admittedly it’s technically a feed…but it’s your own personal feed of links.

The first thing to do is to setup an account on (note: Originally I wanted an all Google solution, if there was a way to embed HTML in Spreadsheets (or if notebook had RSS feeds) then wouldn’t be necessary, and if Google Bookmarks ever becomes shareable with an RSS feed then watch out), this will be where all the non-feed items you want to share will be put. After you’ve registered browse to your bookmarks ( _at the bottom of the page they’ll be an RSS icon, right click this icon and select copy link. Since Google Reader doesn’t like feeds for some reason, we have to burn it. Go to FeedBurner and follow the directions on burning your feed. Add the FeedBurner feed to Google Reader.

Now, here’s where the trick comes in, once it comes up in Google Reader, Click the Add to folder button and select new folder. Let’s give it a good name like…Shared-Links. You should now have a folder that contains the feed of your bookmarked items. Now in order to share it just go to your Settings, click the Tags tab and you’ll see a list of all your folders, including the newly created shared-links. There’ll be a grayed out RSS icon and the word private in the third column. Simply click the icon and the folder will become public.

Click on the “view public page” link and you’ll be given the URL for those items, in my case it’s . As you add items to your account they’ll appear on that page. You can then spread both your Link Blog and your Bookmark Blog. Enjoy!