Is 2007 the end of the Google Era?

There’s been a lot of buzz in development circles lately about Google deprecating it’s SOAP Search API and replaced it with an AJAX widget. Dave Megginson laments the End of Open Web Data APIs, I’m not so sure about that. I think it’s a bad move for Google, in that it 1) Makes it less easy for windows developers (as Scoble points out), and 2) It’ll make developers less trusting of Google in the future. Obviously Google doesn’t want to loose ad revenue, but that might be easily fixed by requiring AdSense on a hosting web page. Or via some other method. Good news though, some people are fighting back. I’m sure EvilAPI will be getting a C&D; letter soon, but it’s a valiant effort. Google is really shooting themselves in the foot here, Microsoft also still has their SOAP search API. I’ve recently started really drinking the Google Kool Aid (tm and all that) from an end user stand point, but now I’m really questioning taking the leap as a developer. My instincts say to stay with the 800lb gorilla that can’t afford to drop things on a whim. In addition to that news, there’s also word that Google is starting to deceptively advertise it’s own products (specifically the one that this blog is hosted on) with the ads disguised as “tips” while you search. Maybe they forgot the “Do No Evil” part? It’s looking like the honeymoon may be coming to an end. If developers jump ship, and people start writing more apps that utilize Windows Live services….Google may just fade into the background like As the man said, “Developers, Developers, Developers!”. Microsoft loves them, Google can obviously care less. Regardless of what actually happens to Google in 2007 (I doubt they’re going anywhere anytime soon), I get the distinct impression a line as been drawn, and perhaps an era has come to an end.