Friday, August 29th, 2008

Interviewed on Alt.NET Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed along side Aaron Junod on the Alt.NET Podcast to discuss IronRubyaltdotnetmike

Michael  Moore was a wonderful host and did an amazing job editing the conversation down to something tight.  It was an exciting opportunity to talk about IronRuby specifically and Ruby in general.  Hopefully it will help spark even more interest in it.

On a personal note, I’m interested in any feedback you might have, from the technical to the stylistic. It was my first time doing a podcast, so it’s definitely a learning experience for me.

2 Comments on “Interviewed on Alt.NET Podcast”

  1. You were great. Thanks for volunteering your time and expertise, I think it turned out great.

  2. Matt Brewer

    You did very well for your first podcast appearance. From listening to you, it sounded like you had done others.

    Both you and Aaron did a great job explaining why a .Net developer should even care that about the release of IronRuby. My hope is that more of the “80%” will start listening to this podcast out of curiosity and pick up some of this stuff.

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